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(certificate according to DIN EN 15565 by BVGD,                           Federal Association of Tourist Guides in Germany)


Would you like to have a city tour in and/or a transfer through Germany, Austria and/or the Czech Republic?

I’m looking forward to being your

Tour(ist) Guide

                         (with DIN-EN license for Germany)

I can guide your transfer to Munich, Linz, Vienna, Regensburg, Nürnberg and/or to Czech Republic.

I can offer you a city tour in Passau, Česky Krumlov, Klatovy (German: Klattau, South of Pilsen/West of Czech Republic) or in another city you wish. In the whole Moldau-Danube Region (Moldau-Donau-Region).

I can find the right tour(ist/transfer) guide for you or I can arrange a bike guide or taxi guide for you in/to all of the three countries.



ferry from cloister Weltenburg (near Regensburg)